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What is Mall Millionaire?

Mall Millionaire is a raffle draw promotional campaign, happening in the 8 shopping malls of Line Investments and Property LLC in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Las part of the Summer Season Promotion.

How can I be part of the mall Millionaire raffle draw campaign?

By purchasing worth a value of AED200 from any participating stores in participating Shopping malls of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

What are the participating Shopping Malls?

Abu Dhabi: - Al Wahda Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, Mushrif Mall, Mazyad Mall, Al Raha Mall and Madinat Zayed Shopping Center. Al Ain: - Al Foah Mall and Barrari Outlet Mall

What I have to do get the raffle / entry coupon?

Visit the customer service of the participating Shopping Malls and produce a valid purchase bill worth AED 200/- and register.

What is the process of registering bill to get coupon(s)?

Produce the purchase bills from the participating tenants to customer service desk of respective shopping mall and give the details required to register like valid UAE mobile number, E-mail ID, Name and Address. You will get and OTC(one-time code) from the sender in Win Million

Once confirmed the OTC with the Customer Service Agent, Digital Coupons will be send to your registered e-mail and to you registered mobile by SMS.

How I will get the raffle / entry coupon?

You will receive coupons by your registered e-mail and as SMS in your registered UAE mobile number.

How many coupons I can avail?

Based on the purchase value, for every AED200 from the participating stores of participating Shopping malls you are you are entitled to one(1) digital coupon.

Is there any carry forward of bill amount for next time to get a coupon?

Once a purchase bill is registered in the system, for availing coupon, any balance amount in the bills cannot be carry forward for the next time to avail another coupon.

Can I club bills of multiple tenants?

Yes you can club bills of multiple tenants to avail the desired value of AED 200 to avail coupon

Can I club purchase bills of tenants from different malls?

No you cannot club bills of tenant from different malls to avail coupons

What are the prizes?

Mega prize of AED 1 Million and AED 50,000 Weekly Prize. Other Prizes worth AED 100,00 as Gift Vouchers and instant prizes by participating in various games and activities.

What is the period of the Mall Millionaire raffle draw promotion?

47 days from June 18, 2019 to August 03, 2019

What bills are valid for registration?

Any purchase bills from the participating tenants of the 8 participating shopping malls from the date June 18, 2019 to August 03, 2019.

Any purchase bill before or after the above dates are not valid to get registered for the raffle coupons.

What are the draw Dates: - **
Wednesday 26-06-2019 AED 50,000
Wednesday 03-07-2019 AED 50,000
Wednesday 10-07-2019 AED 50,000
Wednesday 17-07-2019 AED 50,000, AED 50,000
Wednesday 24.07.2019 AED 50,000
Wednesday 31-07-2019 AED 50,000
Monday 05-08-2019 AED 1 Million, AED 50,000

** Draw dates may subject to change, and the changes will be updated duely in our website

How can I contact for any kind of enquiry?

You can contact any of the customer service desk or the participating Shopping malls. Also you can contact us vial e-mail -

How will I know, if I won?

Mall Millionaire team will contact you through the contact information you provide while registering at the participating shopping malls, to inform you if you have won. Additionally, we also announce the winners on the website for the weekly draws of AED 50,000/- and Mega Prize of 1 Million.

How can I claim the prize If I won?

Once contacted by Mall Millionaire team, you are invited to the office of Line Investments and Property LLC to produce your valid Identification like valid Emirates ID, Valid passport copy with Valid Visa and other documents and details requested by mall millionaire team.